Express Cakes

Need a cake on a short notice, well we got you covered! Cake design that’s ready in 48 hours! Includes design, floral and topper

Express cake
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A Little About The Owner of Sweet Treats By Lexx!

My name is Alexis Rice, a young girl from Natchez, Mississippi with a passion for baking. I am 2019 Johnson & Wales Alumni; with my degree in Baking & Pastry and Food service Management. Baking is something that's been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I started baking at a young age with my great grandmother Murray “MaMa” Davis, ever since than its been one of my biggest passions. Baking is one way that I am able to express myself without words. This is something I wake up and love to do everyday. I can't express how much I appreciate everyone who supports me through this journey of entrepreneurship! Not only does the support from my family keep me going but my customers push me to be a better version of me through every order they place.